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Customer Testimonials

I want to thank you for excellent customer service. I am very impressed... and that doesn't happen often. Later Christmas night I placed my order with you. I had been searching for a flapper for 2 of my toilets for over a year and could not find one that fit the special set up of my Kohler's... not even at the Kohler website! It was from your comprehensive website (because Kohler didn't even show my exact toilet) that I discovered the toilet that looked like mine and from your diagrams that I finally found the exact device that is inside my toilet. So I ordered, thinking I had finally identified my exact toilet style and the correct flapper to fit the internal system. But I wasn't sure. and at this point, I had nothing to lose. As I went through the purchase process, much to my surprise I had an opportunity to ask a question, leave a comment, etc. So I asked that if the flappers I was ordering turned out not be the right ones, could I return them for a full refund. I didn't think I'd hear back from anyone for several days, especially since it was late Saturday night and ESPECIALLY since it was Christmas weekend. I figured I'd get some form letter email sent to me, if I was lucky, in the middle of the week between Christmas and New Years. MUCH to my surprise, Sunday morning I received a phone call from your company! The woman explained to me you were ready to ship my order (the Sunday morning after Christmas!!!!!) and that since I had a refund and return policy question, that you wanted to discuss it with me prior to shipping to make sure I had the right part for the right toilet. I was flabbergasted in a very pleased way! What incredible service and direct, immediate customer contact! And during THE holiday weekend no less! She asked me the name or model number of my Kohler toilets. That had been the problem, I had no idea previously and was searching by visual comparison. I had bought the toilets 11 years before at Home Depot. They no longer carried that model, much less anything that remotely fit the inside of it. She told me the model number was engraved inside the tank. I never knew that. It was so easy to find! And I had guess right in finding the visual style on your website and had finally found the correct flappers after all this time. I was beginning to think I was going to have to buy new toilets simply because I couldn't find the part. Even my plumber couldn't locate the flapper to fit it... said he never seen a set up quite like it before. Several came close, but no cigar. I was most impressed! And then she double checked to make sure I was confident in my order and that I wanted the items to ship. INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Customer service as it used to be decades ago. Personal service... and from an ONLINE order! My flappers arrived yesterday! Three days after THE holiday weekend. I thought I would be luckY to get them by next Monday. Again, INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will sing your praises to the high heavens for the rest of my life. I will recommend you to everyone I know, including my plumber. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the kind of American company that FINALLY meets the quality of American standards once again and provides the type of customer service that made us a great nation. As a disabled woman who often is bedridden and can't easily go traipsing through the house to the other end for the one working toilet, I can't tell you how grateful I am to have the two closest toilets to my generally confined area working again! Amazing... a real company that not only HAS the parts and shows them clearly and easily, but actually RESPONDS to the customer and PROVIDES true customer I must be dreaming. It's a great dream. Thank you! I hope you will share this letter from your top company personal to your buildings janitorial workers. You have something to be proud about... a company that efficiently cares about it's customer.

George E., Sacramento, CA

When we recently needed a few, obscure little replacement parts, we were able to locate the exact items on your web site immediately. We were thrilled when our order arrived... you guys rock. Suddenly, the bathroom remodeling job we've been putting off for so long seems less daunting, now that we know about you.

Peter F., Sacramento, CA

Thanks again for the great service....You certainly met your goal with this order! It was placed yesterday and we received it today. You 'promised' no more than 10 working days and 'performed' 1 working day. Thanks for the great service.

Kris B., Sacramento, CA

After searching the web for a solid hour, I've only found two sites in the US selling this, and you have the best price by $80! Thanks!

Jordan V., Sacramento, CA

And the crowd goes wild... We received the parts today and everything was perfect. Thank you for the excellent follow through and customer service.

Brandon C., Sacramento, CA

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